Padma Shri Jai Prakash Agarwal is the Chairman of SURYA ROSHNI LIMITED and Founder Chairman of SURYA FOUNDATION. A graduate from Calcutta University, he was influenced by the thoughts and life of Swami Vivekananda and thus plunged into the field o social service. For this purpose, he established an NGO in 1992. Surya Foundation is working in the fields of Youth Development, Ideal Village Projects, Development of Naturopathy and Yoga, Education and Think Tanks for vital areas national development.

An ardent believer and follower of Naturopathy and Yoga, he was deeply influenced by Mahatma Gandhi on Naturopathy. He established International Naturopathy Organisation (INO) with a view to promoting and reaching Naturopathy to each and every village. Presently Shri Jaiprakash is the member of National Board of Development and Promotion of Yoga and Naturopathy, Ministry of AYUSH.

Shri Jaiprakash in his selfless devotion to the society renders helps to many charitable causes in the form of a scholarship to needy and poor students and donations to various social service organizations. He has been the recipient of “Vishwesharayya Entrepreneurship Award”, “Super Achievers Award”, “Gandhi Sewa Award” and the “Agra Rattan Award” for his service to the society. Shri Jaiprakash Agarwal is indeed a leading light for all endeavours by Surya Foundation and its achievements.