Education Think Tank was Constituted in the year 1997-98 by Surya Foundation. In the area of school education, Surya Foundation. Since its inception the Foundation is working to help Nation to solve problems being faced, such as, to reduce the load of school bag- both physical as well as mental and to make quality education less costly, to prepare children to face global challenges and to inculcate life skills and patriotism.

Towards this goal Surya Foundation has developed an integrated curriculum. The Foundation studied the various recommended made by commissions – Mudaliar, Kothari new Education Policy–1986 committees such as Acharya Ram Murty (1989-90), Yashpal Committee (1992) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF)-2000. The integrated curriculum envisages the competencies proposed at national level (National Curriculum frame work 2000 and also NCF 2005 in each subject such as Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies (Social Science – Natural Science), Art, Health & Hygiene, Yog, Sports.

On the basis of the Integrated Curriculum Surya foundation has developed, published and experimented the concept of One Class – One book.

One Class – One Book with the help of a group nationally ………………………. for education these books are Surya Bharti Pratham, Dutiya, Tritiya, Chaturth & Pancham for class 1 to 5 respectively.