As a committed NGO striving for excellence, work towards the transformation of the country into a modern, robust state grounded in strong Indian traditional values and knowledge.
Surya Foundation’s vision to be realized through the empowerment of youth by providing them assistance in multifarious fields of education, skill & personality development, developing their leadership qualities and imbibing in them a strong sense of patriotism and commitment to their countrymen.

In addition

  • Work towards popularizing traditional systems of medicine like Naturopathy and Yoga to bring affordable medical care within the reach of all
  • Consider issues of national importance in depth and offer recommendations on improving governance at all levels in the country.
  • Empower the Village of India in terms of Income, Agricultural practice, women, literacy.


Shri Jaiprakash Agrawal established SURYA FOUNDATION in 1992 with a view to promoting a greater sense of patriotism and National consciousness among our countrymen. Surya Foundation is working in the fields of Youth Development, Ideal Village Projects, Development of Naturopathy and Yoga, Think Tanks for vital areas national development.
1.   Assisting in and imparting education up to Secondary level in rural, far-flung/remote and coastal areas
2.   Act as facilitators to enable our youth in Personality Development by inculcating in them

  • A deep sense of patriotism and love for their countrymen.
  • Good character, moral values, and leadership qualities, while being deeply immersed in Indian culture and values
  • To galvanize villages in India towards prosperity through modern farming, and animal husbandry techniques, and by adopting healthy living and health practices
  • To Propagate Preventive & Cost Effective and affordable health care for all through Naturopathy and Yoga
  • Achieve recognition as a leading Think Tank organization providing to Govt and other stakeholders well-reasoned recommendations on social, national and global issues
  • To develop a sustainable education and learning system.