Youth are the hope of tomorrow. They are one of the most energetic segments of the nation and thus there are high hopes from them. With the right mindset and ability the youth can contribute towards the development of the nation and take it forward.

Surya Foundation has undertaken the project of Youth Development with the inspiration from Swami Vivekanand. It is essential to motivate and put the young minds in their formative years. For this purpose the Personality Development Camps are organised by Surya Foundation.

Personality Development Camp (PDC) Surya Foundation has trained around 200,000 boys and girls in most parts of the country through 15 days Personality Development Camps. Training module of camp is based on :

  • Mental development – Meditation, Vipassana, Pranayame
  • Intellectual development – Management sessions debates, group discussions, lectures etc.
  • Physical development – Yoga, sports, Military & leadership training, karate, obstacle course.
  • Spiritual development – Prayer, Devotional Songs, Vipassana

The atmosphere of the camp is energetic and full of positive energy, discipline and patriotism. Patriotic stories, discourse on glorious history of India are the curriculum of camp. The best performers are chosen for Long Personality Development Camp (LPDC).